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Best fiber optic cable layout service in Bangladesh
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Fiber Optic Cabling Solution

Behind the complex data processing electronics that many associate with an IT network, sits a cabling system that is equally as important to performance. Global IT Solutions has built its expertise in Designing and Commissioning sophisticated, secure and robust structured cabling connectivity solutions that carry the high speed Voice, Data and Video Traffic. Cabling Solutions offered can be broadly classified as Copper systems, Fiber systems, Intelligent Infrastructure systems and Datacenter systems.

We support client's business needs by building a robust network infrastructure. The network infrastructure supports a variety of client applications in a mission critical environment across verticals, Our service offerings span the entire E2E lifecycle include Consulting, Planning, Designing, Deployment, Sustaining, Management and Assessment.

Why Clients choose us?

  • We have a strong management team for providing you best solution.
  • We are providing you the best quality product with competitive price.
  • We believe commitment is the key to success.
  • We are providing 24/7 hour Technical Support

Our Fiber Optic Cabling services include: :

  • Greater Bandwidth and Longer Distances
  • Horizontal and Backbone cabling
  • Telecommunications Room cabling
  • Server Room cabling
  • Server Room cabling
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • as well as usage of redundant high-speed protocols
  • Thinner and Sturdier
  • Protocols implementation that provide for restriction
  • Prevention of unwanted traffic
  • More Flexibility for the Future
  • Consistency to simplify troubleshooting
  • Faster Speeds Fiber optic cables have a core that carries light to transmit data.

Top benifits of the Fiber Optic cabling system:

  • Reduced Cost and Increased Effectiveness of IT Operations
  • A Platform for High Availability Network Management Services
  • Improved Customer Responsiveness
  • Improved Information Quality
  • Enhanced Physical Security
  • Easy Moves, Add, Changes and Troubleshooting
  • A high-quality cabling system offers benefits such as better network throughput and Fewer transmission errors

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